Workshops Seminars and Courses


Renowned throughout Australia, CSE’s workshops, seminars and courses address topical issues and themes in education and are designed to:

  •          Communicate the latest in educational theory and practice
  •          Expand the horizons of teachers and school leaders
  •          Support educational reform
  •          Inform future planning and school improvement.

The well-connected professional learning team at CSE has its finger on the pulse of Australian and international education issues. Our professionally run program of workshops, seminars and courses reflects our intimate understanding of the teaching profession, the emerging needs of educators and the ever-changing educational landscape.

Recent workshop, seminar and course themes include:

  •          Coaching and school leadership
  •          Teaching, learning and the thinking classroom
  •          Issues and opportunities for education in the digital age
  •          Building teams and relationship development in schools
  •          Performance and development
  •          Student management
  •          Improving school performance
  •          How to make effective use of NAPLAN data
  •          Health and wellbeing.

Read what others have to say about our programs.


“It was good to mix people from varying backgrounds/roles and feel a sense of shared issues.”
- Principal (Primary, Catholic Sector)


“I enjoyed it when we diverged and conversed. It is rare to have the opportunity to pursue ideas.”
- Head of School (Primary, Independent)


“This was most captivating and motivating. I will value what I have learned forever. I can honestly say that this was the most relevant and worthwhile PD that I have ever attended.”
- Coordinator (Secondary, Government Sector)


"Thank you for offering this workshop. I am an experienced psychologist (clinical and educational) and secondary school teacher and I found it one of the best, most relevant, useful professional development sessions I have attended."