Victorian Indigenous Education Network (VIEN)



Victorian Indigenous Education Network (VIEN)


The Victorian Indigenous Education Network [VIEN] is a network of people from Independent schools who work together and with tertiary institutions to inform best practice in Indigenous education programs. 




VIEN members are committed to working in a spirit of respect and reciprocity with each other and with the Indigenous communities they serve.




VIEN schools are committed to:

Working together with Indigenous students and families including to:

  • Provide improved access for Indigenous students to member schools;
  • Provide young Indigenous people with holistic and longitudinal support to Improve
  • Enable effective transitions into and beyond school.
  • Maximise broad learning outcomes for Indigenous students;
  • Advocate for excellence in learning for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and support access into educational programs and opportunities;
  • Identify and advocate for the needs of indigenous students and families in schools;
  • Build indigenous families’ understanding of schools’ culture and environments;
  • Build discernment to Inform ‘best fit’ for students and member schools;
  • Share resources, knowledge and understanding in and between member institutions for the support and advancement of Indigenous students;
  • Maximise dialogue between schools and tertiary education providers to facilitate easier transitions to higher education;


The education of school communities including:

  • Working with school leaders and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to ensure that member institutions are culturally safe places for indigenous students;
  • Educating broad school communities about Indigenous history, language and culture;
  • Encouraging and informing two-way learning initiatives, including through curriculum innovation, so as to effect Reconciliation in and between member institutions;
  • Enabling sharing of learning among boarding house staff in member schools and tertiary institutions;
  • Improving understanding of Indigenous culture and issues for extended school communities;


VIEN operates across three domains:

  • Networking (between staff in member schools/between First Australian students in member schools/between parents and community members of students in member schools). 
  • Professional Learning (including training in cultural awareness & competence, subject specific PD program, centrally based or school based programs). 
  • Advocacy – this happens at individual school, systems and policy (State and Federal) levels.


For more information on current VIEN Projects & Activities

Curriculum Co-development Project


Marnie O’Bryan, Co-Convenor, VIEN         
Andrew Barr, CEO, CSE