Students who dare to learn differently: Then, now and in the future

By John Munro
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This paper presents Professor Munro’s farewell lecture to the Graduate School of Education, delivered on 22 November 2016. He argues that appropriate educational provision for exceptional learners continues to be a challenge, both in Australia and internationally. Concepts such as differentiation, catering for individual differences, personalised/individualised learning, Response to Intervention, integration and inclusion exemplify attempts at this provision over the last 50 years. Professor Munro reflects on this provision from the lens of societal influences on education since the 1960s. On the assumption that student knowing, in its multiple forms, is an essential platform for understanding learning and formative assessment, he proposes a network or ‘synergistic’ model of knowing and learning, and shows how this can be used to enhance educational provision for exceptional learners.

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2017-07-20 00:00:00