A new narrative for schools in Australia: Benchmarking student achievement, professional autonomy and system adaptivity

By Brian J Caldwell
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Professor Caldwell draws from The Alignment Premium (July, 2018), a sequel to The Autonomy Premium (2016). Both publications were an outcome of an Australian contribution to the seven-country International Study on School Autonomy and Learning – the main source for the Gonski 2.0 recommendation on professional autonomy. Research underpinning The Alignment Premium was conducted in 2017, with benchmarking studies on strategic alignment among different levels of government in 13 countries, including most of the top ten performers in PISA 2015. The focus of the paper is governance, with the Australian scene characterised by inertia compared to the dynamic scene in the high performers. Ten recommendations are offered as a basis for a new narrative on school education in Australia.

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2018-08-22 00:00:00