Changing the ‘what’ of education: Overcoming systemic inertia

By Charles Fadel and Maya Bialik
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The authors argue that as we re-awaken to changing needs in society and, increasingly, recognise the importance of a variety of competencies beyond basic knowledge and skills, it is difficult to insert new subjects, skills and character education effectively into a system that is already-established, self-perpetuating, and content-crowded, to the point of being over-burdened. They examine the motivational and cognitive mechanisms that contribute to inertia in education systems, and comment on factors that impact on our capacity to integrate change, instead of adding ‘tack-ons’. They conclude that courage is needed if we are to innovate – being prepared to let go of the comfort of an existing system and work under conditions of uncertainty toward a better one.

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2017-02-15 00:00:00