Anchoring computational thinking in today’s curriculum: The urgent priority of changing school maths

By Conrad Wolfram, Adrian Smith and Alec Titterton
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The authors define Computational Thinking as a mode of thinking about life, in which you apply a rigorous and repeatable problem-solving process to ideas, challenges and opportunities that you encounter. They explain how this process should be applicable particularly in maths, where they identify urgent need of change, but should also extend across a wide range of subjects in the current curriculum context. After all, they argue, it is away of thinking – not the only way of thinking – but an important perspective across life. Whatever the politics or naming, they conclude, a core, ubiquitous school subject will emerge in the space they describe, and the first countries, regions, schools that manage this new core and its cross-curricular application ‘will win big time’.

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2017-09-14 00:00:00